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Film + TV Credits:

  • Member of the SHOK writers room, for developing story and script. Current.

  • ‘7 Deadly Idiots’. First Camera Assistant. May 2021.

  • First Assistant Camera. May 2021. '7 deadly idiots.' Told by an Idiot Productions.

  • Art Director. April 2021. 'Dream Lover'. In Post Production.

  • Writer / Director. December 2020. 'Unseen'. Watch here.

  • Creater / Editor. April - June 2020. 'We are Tottenham' lockdown videos from local businesses.

  • 1st Camera Assistant. February/March 2020. 'Role Play,' dir. Kit Lloyd. In post-production.

  • DOP / Assistant editor. February 2020. 'Cleaners' dir. Yan Toby Amasi. 

  • DOP. February - March 2020. Episode: "A Mother's Love" A curious events production. 

  • First AC / Clapper. January 2020. 'The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.' 

  • DOP / Director. December 2018. Harmoney Blues music video with Collage Works and Inferno Switch Films. 

  • Camera operator. November 2018. National Reality Television Awards.

  • Camera operator / Assistant Editor. August 2018. Alexandra Palace Great Fete behind the scenes for Collage Works.

  • Director/ Screenwriter. Feb 2018. 'Catching' a short informational video with Collage Works commissioned for Haringey Council.

BTS export secondo (46 of 49)_edited
BTS export secondo (46 of 49)_edited

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RP BTS (12 of 36)
RP BTS (12 of 36)

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catching prview
catching prview

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BTS export secondo (46 of 49)_edited
BTS export secondo (46 of 49)_edited

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About me:

I studied English BA at the University of Exeter, and started to dabble in filmmaking theory there: adaptation, diasporic film, queer cinema. I started my practical filmmaking journey later in my twenties through some creative projects for Haringey Council, then moved on to working on shorts and live events both as a camera operator and occasionally director, when the opportunity presented itself. ​

2020 of course hasn't been the year for being on-set, but it's really highlighted the role of media and the arts in people's quality of life and I'm more passionate than ever about working in film and TV. 

I'm located in London and when permitted, happy to travel. Please get it touch!


Proficient with:

  • Adobe Premier Pro

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Audition

  • Celtx

  • Final Draft

Comfortable in:


  • After Effects, Illustrator and learning DaVinci Pro.

​Quick audio and video editor, good sense of composition and design of a shot, general proficiency with video and photography equipment.

direcast logo mark 3.png


  • Cast Member, and Editor: Direcast, an actual play TTRPG podcast that tests out indie games. 

  • Women Vs Everything - Editor. (Episode 7 onwards.)  [Link]

  • Producer, editor: You Are Mythtaken, an educational comedy podcast about getting myths very wrong. In development in 2021. 

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